What Patients Have to Say:

Peter Scott, Tiburon, CA

Peter Illetschko, Berkeley, CA


"After another day, dancing almost full out, after months of not being able to….I wanna say: THANK YOU to, and I highly recommend David Shevick as my Acupuncturist. He’s both inspiring and effective. Will work aggressively and/or gently – whatever you need or are ready for. He’s got a sliding scale that really meets you where you are. I am deeply grateful for his help and the very real effect on my quality of life!"

Julia McNeal

Woodacre, CA

"I really appreciate David’s caring, compassionate and generous spirit.  He has a way of making his clients feel very comfortable and cared for.  I like that he is so open to continue his ongoing learning from different acupuncturist and working it with his incredible intuitiveness. He has a way of tuning into what is happening with his clients emotionally and psychologically, even if I am just going for physical health.  He treats the whole person, body-mind-spirit.  He has helped me a great deal with my insomnia. I highly recommend David."

Elsa Ng

Larkspur, CA

"I have never done Acupuncture before seeing David. I do a Brazilian martial which puts a lot of wear and tear on my joints. David’s work was amazing. I felt so light and strong when I walked out of there and the good feeling wasn’t a temporary fix. I will definitely go back to see David again, in particular since he only needed to feel my pulse to discover verifiable internal physical issues. I highly recommend his work to anyone seeking excellent personal care. The type of care you used to get from your house doctor."

Peter L.

Seattle, WA

"I came to David Shevick with heart palpitations. He listened to my pulses for a good while and then tested how different herbal formulas changed my pulse. He ended up giving me a bottle of Dragon Heart Blood Tonic and a Chinese formula called Gui Pi Tang. I can say the two worked pretty well and the palpations subsided. Dr. Shevick gave me competent, reasonably-priced, care."

Grace Zhou

Richmond, CA

"The experience of having David as my healer is his willingness to listen, his desire to help others make themselves the best they can be and his willingness to research anything he is not sure he has an answer for sets him apart. This type of empathy and compassion is rare and very appreciated in these times of people being mostly concerned with their own agenda. He has helped me to lose weight and encouraged me to stay in shape even to the point of going for a run with me to get me kick started, He is truly a brother and healer, He once said to me he can improve things 15-25% for me with his efforts but most of the work has to come from ourselves, Healers are not miracle workers, they are facilitators to help us find our own pathways to success in health and well being."

Eric Porteau

San Rafael, CA

"David has been treating me for about 4 months now and he is one of the best. I’ve been getting acupuncture treatments for 20+ years from different acupuncturists in various places. He’s kind, compassionate and easy to talk to and has enhanced my health in many ways. I continue to be impressed by David’s professionalism, genuine caring and dedication. Highly recommend!"

Mari Anoran

San Rafael, CA

"David treated me for headaches and fatigue. After a few treatments, I am feeling much better.  He recommends that I come once every three months for maintenance. I feel that Dr. Shevick has a true understanding of the human anatomy and a very intuitive understanding of what it means to really heal yourself from inside and out. Thanks Dave, looking forward to our next healing session."

Duane Kelly

San Francisco, CA

"David fixed my back pain that I had for long time. I had been had different types of treatments from other practitioners but the pain always returned. Now after his acupuncture treatment my back pain finally is gone.  I recommend David."

Martha DeSilva

Goianna, Gois, Brasil

"He’s not only incredibly skilled but he’s a truly, kind healer with so much knowledge. I bought four visits to start, since I’d had no prior experience with acupuncture. In my first appointment David was able to hone in on my precise concerns (with very little info from me, I might add). Plus, since he’s also an herbalist you’ll definitely want to get his advice on the many herbs and teas he stocks. My first treatment and tea remedy have truly changed the course in my life. Now, I’m a regular patient and absolutely love my sessions which are open to address really whatever it bothering or troubling me at the time. I can’t tell you how vital – and thankful – I’m feeling. Totally sold and a very happy customer! I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Anyra P.

San Rafael, CA

"I was very lucky to find David in my search for an acupuncturist/healer. I can’t say enough about how amazing it is to know that I am under his care.

He is patient and willing to listen to you/and your body at every session - to find the best plan of action for your ailments. If your ailment is not his specialty (however he specializes in a lot), he will go out of his way to research how to help heal you.

I also like that he is always open to how you feel about a treatment, and will never force you to take any herbs, etc. that you are not interested in/don’t want to take. I’ve gone to acupuncturists in the past that want to force herbs on you- and he will never do that which I appreciate.

 Bottom line - every session I leave feeling refreshed, balanced, and most importantly that I am on a path of recovery for whatever I am seeing him for (results aren’t going to happen overnight, but most of the time you will feel some relief after one session). Honestly, I recommend him to everyone I know in Marin who is in need of a healer. Whether they are seeking emotional support, or trying to heal a physical ailment.
Other perks:
+ easy to book an appointment with quickly & get responses back from him fast
+ billing is easy, whether you have insurance or not
+ convenient- right off the highway and plenty of parking"


Tiburon, CA

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